ZOA Rally to Support Israel, Philadelphia, PA July 11, 2014


Israel Solidarity Rally, July 11. 2014 – Philadelphia, PA

There was a wonderful, enthusiastic, uplifting Israel Solidarity Rally on Friday, July 11th at noon in the heart of Philadelphia. AKSE members Eleanor Weinglass and Sharon Berry attended, along with Susan Warner and three others from the Olive Tree Ministries of Delaware.
There were about 200 people in attendance including a representative of U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey.   Statements from Congressmen Robert Brady and Pat Meehan were read.

While the rally was initiated by Philadelphia ZOA, it was truly a community event. Steve Feldman, ZOA’s Executive Director, thanked the  15 speakers and song-leaders, the rabbis, and all of the groups who helped mobilize to make this a successful event — particularly PhillyIsrael.com and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, and our Christian Zionist friends. Steve also thanked everyone who attended, prayed, sang, waved American and Israeli flags and held signs.
Speakers included ZOA National President Morton Klein, Philadelphia Federation President Sherrie Savett, Israel Consul General Yaron Sideman, Rabbi Jean Claude Klein, Rabbi Eric Lazar, Susan Warner of Olive Tree Ministries and Clarence Johnson of Friends of Israel.
Coming to a rally is important. Trying to help Israel each and every day – especially now – is more important. Get involved. Stay involved. Make calls, send emails, talk to people about Israel’s quest for peace and the Arab and Muslim quest to annihilate Israel. Explain that Israel has not just a “right” but an obligation to defend itself and to stop those bent on destroying Israel.
ZOA also thanked the men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department Civil Affairs Unit, and the many news media who covered the rally.