Welcome Back Brunch September 14, 2014


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2014 from 11:00-1:00

Ellen and Michael Photo

The Eight Cardinal Rules for Food Shopping

Presented by our very own Ellen and Michael Feingold; We will be serving delicious food following recipes from Ellen’s book. Free for paid up members and $5 for guests. RSVP by Monday, September 8th to the office (762-2705). Please indicate any special dietary needs.

Reservations required to allow for adequate food planning.

Ellen Feingold has been an M.D. for 46 years, practicing homeopathy for the past 20. Dr. Feingold has been interested in nutrition for as long as she has been a physician. Early-on she recognized that one’s daily nutritional program is a major determinant of long-term health. In her homeopathy practice, she prescribes homeopathic remedies, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and a healthy nutritional program for every patient.

Dr. Feingold’s book on nutrition, written together with her husband, Michael, Let’s Go Food Shopping Together, is a treatise of her concept of a sound nutritional program based on these principles:

· No added salt (with the liberal use of culinary spices instead)

· Low fat

· Low added sugar

· Focus on fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

The book contains more than 100 original recipes that use these principles. You will find this book on Amazon.com. It is formatted for the Kindle only.

Ellen and Michael will share the podium; Michael is the shopper in the family and Ellen is the writer. You may want to purchase the book ($3.99) before their talk. But, if you do not have Kindle capability, they will bring handouts.

We look forward to an exciting program and an exciting year! Please join us.