The Va’ad HaKashruth of Wilmington

The Va’ad HaKashruth of Wilmington, established in 1948 by Rabbi Leonard Gewirtz, z”l, serves the needs of kosher certification for the Jewish community of Delaware and neighboring Pennsylvania. The Rabbi of the traditional congregation in Wilmington, Adas Kodesch Shel Emeth, has always served as Rav Hamachshir, setting and maintaining the community standard for kashruth. The Va’ad promotes high standards of kashruth in its supervision and certification of several local institutions.

The new Rav Hamachshir of the Va’ad, Rabbi Dr. Abraham Rabinovich, is a graduate of RIETS, the Rabbinic Seminary of Yeshiva University. Rabbi Abe seeks to reinvigorate the Va’ad and facilitate an increased presence of local kosher establishments. If you have questions or suggestions or would be willing to become involved in the work of the Va’ad, please contact Rabbi Abe at or 302-762-2705.

Institutions Under Supervision

Adas Kodesch Shel Emeth

Congregation Beth Shalom

(Main and Minyan Kitchens, Social Hall, Atrium, Sanctuaries)
1801 Baynard Boulevard
Wilmington, DE 19802


Siegel Jewish Community Center

(Main, Mercaz, and Early Childhood Center Kitchens, Outdoor Pool Snack Bar)
101 Garden of Eden Road
Wilmington, DE 19803


Milton & Hattie Kutz Home