Israel Advocacy

Israel Advocacy Committee

The mission of this committee is to educate our members and the community to become knowledgeable about Israel and the Middle East.  Among the battles Israel is fighting is a public relations war for the hearts and minds of the American people.  There is a worldwide disinformation campaign against both Israel and the Jewish people.  American Jews must know the facts to counter the myths and the lies that are spread about Israel.  We can’t rely on just the local media for the truth about what’s happening.

How are we achieving this objective?  By having discussion groups led by knowledgeable members, or by outsiders who may be interested in participating.  We have brought in speakers who are experts in Israel and the Middle East.  We can supply our members with a list of resources to become better informed. The internet is a powerful tool to use. (See below).

We have sent out action alerts to committee members to respond when an anti-Israel article or letter appears in the News-Journal. When anti-Israel speakers appear in our area, we can attend and refute the misinformation being disseminated.

Other activities can be:  A buy-Israel campaign to encourage stores to carry Israeli merchandise and encourage our members and the community to buy these products.  Bond with Christian Zionist groups and collaborate with them in pro-Israel activities.

By accessing the information on the following websites, we can learn the truth of what’s really happening in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  These three websites are not right-wing or left-wing, they are just pro-Israel:

 This a daily collection of articles from news sources from Israel, the U.S. and around the world.

These two websites combat the misinformation and the lies being told about Israel by forcefully responding to the Israel-haters.

If access to the internet is not available, by reading the weekly edition of the International Jerusalem Post, you can become well-informed.  You can subscribe or obtain copies in the AKSE synagogue library.

Please join with us in this important endeavor. If you have any questions, you can call me at (302) 478-4734 or email me at

Marty Zukoff, Chairman