How To page

How To Page

How to add a link to a page

Go to the page that you want to add the link.  Highlight the word(s) on the Page and then click on the icon above that looks like a chain link.  Then choose the page to be linked 

How to add a video to a page

See info about embedding videos here:

How to add/modify menus

Go to -> Appearance -> Menus

Menu Structure can then be altered.  You can add pages, set sub menu items and change the order of items.

How to add quick links

1) select Menus under Appearance
2) at the top where it says “Select a menu to edit”, choose quick links in the pulldown menu, then press the Select button
3) choose a Page on the left and then press the Add to Menu button
4) drag the Page on the right to the desired position in the quick links menu
5) press Save Menu button


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