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March 17, 2020 — 21 Adar 5780

March 17, 2020 — 21 Adar 5780 Thoughts on the Second Aliyah of Vayakel Shalom Chaverim       Yesterday, in the first aliyah, we saw that Moshe’s response to the social breakdown which led to the building of the Egel Zahav (Golden Calf) was to rebuild community by commanding the nation to observe Shabbat and build the Mishkan (Tabernacle). The […]

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March 16, 2020 — 20 Adar 5780

March 16, 2020 — 20 Adar 5780 Shalom Chaverim:      On Friday David Brooks of the New York Times cautioned that though combating COVID-19 has joined us in common cause, fear can bring out the worst in people. His cautionary words were an appeal that we allow our Yaser Hatov (good inclination) to defeat our Yaser Hara (evil […]

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